This is the Picture

Or “Explaining that typewriter thingy at the top of my blog.” (Part II)

type·writ·er (n) – A writing machine that produces characters similar to typeset print by means of a manually operated keyboard that actuates a set of raised types, which strike the paper through an inked ribbon.

re·luc·tant blogger (phr n) – One who is unwilling, disinclined, or otherwise offers resistance to creating or posting on a web log on line diary. Me.

I am not old fashioned. I am not so set in my ways I refuse to test new waters. Actually, I’m quite the opposite. My wife usually cringes when she hears me say, “I’ve got an idea.” Often my ideas involve leading edge technology, a lot of do-it-yourself tenacity, and more money than I first expect. (As Homer Simpson would say, “Mmmmm leading edge technology.”) So why an antique typewriter?

I guess when it comes to writing I like “old school” stuff. It may sound strange to hear if you know me at all and are currently mentally cataloging all the science fiction I’ve ever read. But it’s true. When I think about the literary style I enjoy the most Mark Twain (or Samuel Clemens) comes immediately to mind.

Mark Twain is classically American. He’s energetic, skeptimistic (a word my wife invented), adventurous and boldly outspoken. To me, these are all traits that make blogging well, blogging. It’s daring, and somewhat presumptuous to yap out some text, slap it on the Web and expect people to read it. Well gosh darn I wanted to capture the blogging spirit in picture. I wanted to summarize my bold step into blogdom using an iconic summary of most grand proportions.

Okay, I just thought it looked cool. Honest truth, the typewriter you see in the corner up there is of the same model Mark Twain used, and he’s purported to be the first person to “apply the typewriter to literature.” It’s a Hammond type 1 circa 1894 – a little bit classic, a little bit modern. It was definitely cutting edge for its time.

I’m not cutting edge. I’m not a classic. I’m definitely no Mark Twain. But I do love to write and I love technology. Yup, blogging is a blend of old and new — kind of like Mark Twain and the typewriter.

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